Your Uber Driver Wasn’t Trained For That


Are Uber drivers the new first responders? We expect heroic acts from police, firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs. The Emergency Department staff also sees it all, but (usually) with more personal safety and resources. Now Uber too? Really? I’m a recent convert to Uber because it can make travel feel more personal, like we’re visiting friends and family. We are able to ride in comfort and know that we’re also helping people help their families with their side hustles. It’s so much …


A Non-Milestone Birthday


My birthday was last month, and it was wonderful. The week was filled with friends, family, brownies, Mexican food, hikes, gardening, and planning a trip to New Zealand! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was also a pretty typical week. I’m amazingly lucky to enjoy all these things* year-round, not just in February. So what’s the point of birthdays, and why can’t I get excited about mine anymore?


Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual

Food Rules

Are you one of the 45 million Americans on a diet this year? Are you (like me) trying to eat better to live a longer and healthier life? Which food rules did you choose? Low fat? Low carb? South Beach? Atkins? Zone? Volumetrics? Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? Slim Fast? Paleo? How did you decide? And what do you actually eat? Kale is sooo 2015, so how about jackfruit? Much of our nutritional research and guidelines are tainted by pseudoscience, subsidies, and …


A Month Without Meat

Month Without Meat

My husband and I have read A LOT on various diets and nutritional plans. We’ve also seen A TON of food documentaries, often with conflicting information and advice. In general, though, too many animal proteins probably increase your risk of developing cancer, and too many refined carbohydrates are likely to increase your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We typically aim to eat food with recognizable ingredients and minimal processing, but our endeavors achieve varying levels of success depending on their proximity to vacations and holidays. …


Making Bad Decisions Isn’t (Always) Illegal

Bad Decisions

It’s painful. Watching people you care about make bad decisions is like watching a train wreck–you can’t stop the crash, yet you can’t make yourself look away. And if you get too close, you’ll get hurt too. You see disaster coming and do your best to talk them out of it, but their minds are made up. You’ve been there and want to save your loved ones from the pain you know is coming to them if they continue down this …


Review: 5 Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die

5 Secrets

Have you ever wished you could send a letter to your younger self and share advice that would prevent you from making mistakes or help you find joy and peace? Writing the letter is easy, but delivering it gets tricky. So John Izzo did the next best thing when he wrote The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die: he asked thousands of people to nominate “one person who had lived a long life and . . . had discovered purpose …


Forgiveness Doesn’t Require An Apology


Are you good at forgiveness? The answer probably depends a lot on the next question: What’s the worst thing someone has done to you? Was it a friend who smiled to your face and stabbed you in the back? Was it a family member who made promises then didn’t follow through, leaving your life plans in limbo? Was it the boyfriend who stole your heart then ghosted? Was it the boss who wouldn’t honor your contract and cheated you out of tens …


I’m Unique… Just Like Everyone Else


I was born at the beginning of the special generation. We’re all so unique and gifted that we get participation ribbons and cake just for existing! Yay for us! And we really are unique: in my family we have two sets of identical twins, but even they don’t look exactly the same and their personalities are worlds apart. In other ways, though, we’re more alike than we’re comfortable admitting. There’s a reason iPhones, This Is Us, and pumpkin spice lattes cause mass hysteria: marketers …