Friday Night Dinner


What are you doing Friday night? Going on a date? To a baseball game? To a movie or the theater? I’m going to dinner with my family. Yup, I really know how to live it up! But honestly, there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be.

Power Of The Other–Who’s In Your Corner?

Talking Frogs

Do you ever meet someone and instantly feel that this is the father/brother/uncle/friend you’ve always wished you had? Henry Cloud is that guy. I didn’t even actually meet him–I just heard him speak at a conference–and am now a fan for life. He exudes kindness and common sense. Luckily for the rest of the world, he packages this wisdom so you can carry it around in your pocket, or at least reference it frequently on your bookshelf. 

Hiking the Highline

Highline Trail

Our summer of backpacking continues, step by step. We chose to spend this year learning to be more self-sufficient, to explore Nature, and reduce our dependence on technology. We wanted to learn new skills like dehydrating and really cut through the clutter and get back to the basics. It’s just us, our packs, and the forest. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Even if you don’t live in the Southwest, the lessons still apply to hikes in your own neck of the woods and …

Pretty Colors And Flashing Lights

Pretty Colors

Have you ever played just one game of Candy Crush or watched just one episode of your favorite show? And somehow just one drains your battery and sucks up a few hours of your time? You must choose to proceed before each new game or episode, so why is it so dang hard to say no? And what can you do about it?

Declutter your Finances in 4 Easy Steps

Today’s guest post is by Tia, who is passionate about helping millennials reach financial freedom through budgeting, saving, and investing. In addition, she enjoys teaching her favorite travel hacks and showing millennials that you can have fun while being financially responsible. Check out her site at After weeks (or months, for some) of warm (hot!) weather, summer is definitely here! While the beginning of spring typically signals spring cleaning–you know, giving away old clothes, cleaning out the garage or basement, and giving the entire house a good deep …