Embrace your individuality!

This site is for you if you’re searching for better ways to live the life you want: to be well, to feel great, and to live your dreams.

This is not about the life the Joneses appear to have but are up to their eyeballs in debt to finance.

They might think you’re a little strange, but hey, who isn’t? And really, who wants to be normal anyway? Normal is sick, brokeexhausted, and blaming everyone else for your problems.

This is a place to discover what’s important to you and make it happen. No more excuses. Start now. I’ll show you how.

Forget the polished facades you see on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. This is real life. It ain’t always pretty, but it’s beautiful.

We’ll explore ideas and strategies to live a well-rounded and fulfilled life and discuss topics that really matter:

Do I have all the answers? Impossible. Everyone is different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all life plan, but we will learn together and choose the better options.

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Everyone is Welcome

But this probably isn’t the site for you if sentences that start with “He/She/It made me …” pass your lips often. These sentences are simply not true. You and only you chose to act/feel how you did. So if you don’t like the results you got from those choices, you can choose other options from now forward as well.

This site is not for you if you want coddling and enabling. Encouragement? Empathy? Hope? Motivation? Support? Yes, you will find plenty of those here.

If people repeatedly describe you as mean or intolerant but you feel this doesn’t reflect your true self, then stick around and explore ways to change how you present yourself to the world. If you’re happy alienating everyone, then you probably won’t find happiness on this site.

And if you’re kind, or at least trying to polish those rough edges, then welcome home.

About Me

About MeI’m an Emergency Physician in Arizona shifting my focus from sickness and injury to all areas of wellness.

Life is more than just the sum of its parts: it requires a balance of health, finance, family, friends, hobbies, and vocation to thrive.

As much as I hate to say it and my patients hate to hear it, there is no magic pill. In fact, I’ve come to believe that often the best ‘medicine’ doesn’t come in a bottle. Choosing wellness can be very hard work and no one else can do it for you. But, the rewards you’ll reap are more than worth the effort. Why wait?

Here is where you’ll find me choosing to spend my time:

  • Family
    • My husband of 5 years(!), parents, lovely in-laws, sister, cousins, and their 12 little and not-so-little ones are my heart.
    • Friday Night Dinners with our aunts, uncles, and cousins have been our family tradition since long before I was born, and sharing this with the next generation is priceless. ♥
  • Friends
    • You know who you are, and I’m forever grateful for you.
    • Near and far, you’ve seen me at my best and worst and keep coming back for more.
  • Being Outdoors
    • Backyard gardening with raised beds, fruit trees, and now even more edible landscaping, or what’s left after sharing with the gophers and rabbits…
    • Hiking and backpacking in Phoenix and throughout the West and Southwest. It’s so much fun to watch my midwestern husband learn about and grow to love the mountains and canyons.
  • Travel
    • International adventures– 6 continents so far and taking recommendations for our next destination.
    • Domestic family visits and road trips, 5000 miles at a time.
  • More Hobbies
    • Learning anything new… WordPress, anyone?
    • DIY projects– the joys of home ownership.
  • Brownies and Diet Coke
    • I know, I know. We all have our vices. I’m working on mine too.
    • Healthier recipes and whole foods on better days.

My Promise to You is Simple

To share information and ideas from my own training, research, and life experience to help you explore your options, make better choices, and live a better life.

I will gratefully accept your feedback and ideas and strive continually to improve this site.

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