You’re Halfway to Kicking Your Bad Habit

Decision to Try

What’s the one thing you really want to stop doing? Okay, let’s be honest– there’s definitely more than one. But there’s that one habit that really gets to you. It gets under your skin because you know you shouldn’t do it (or other people tell you that you shouldn’t do it), yet here you are again, kicking yourself because you just can’t stop. Maybe it isn’t that bad. Or maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t hurting anyone. But maybe it’s time …


Reclaim Your Life With Inbox Zero

Gmail Zero

How many emails are in your Inbox? 10? 100? 1000? Do I hear 10,000? It’s no wonder things get lost in there– party invitations, meeting times, family photos, notes from friends. It happens. But it doesn’t have to anymore. Really. Long gone are the days when my email account had a 6MB limit that forced me to address all messages quickly and delete them so there was room for more. Now, I have unlimited storage and I can keep them all forever… …


Free (Almost) Everything!


I finally couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t squeeze one more item onto our bookshelf. This thought brought a tear of joy at having so many stories I loved… or was it sadness at not being able to fit any more… or was it a bead of sweat from the strain of forcing that last one reluctantly into it’s proper alphabetical position? Whatever it was, something had to give before I ended up on Hoarders* for Nerds. I collapsed in an exhausted …


Hiking Havasupai

Havasu Falls

Everyone’s heard of Arizona’s Grand Canyon (which I dearly love), but have you heard of Havasupai? When you need a breath of fresh air and a walk around the neighborhood just won’t cut it, consider taking a few days to immerse yourself in one of Nature’s masterpieces. Havasu Creek travels through Cataract (Havasu) Canyon in Northwestern Arizona and enters the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, but this amazing hike and its waterfalls are on the Havasupai Reservation rather than in the US …


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

Do you ever learn a new word then start to see it everywhere? How is this possible when you’ve never noticed it before? I don’t know, but it happens to me all the time. The Four Agreements is kinda like that. It’s been around for almost 20 years, but once I heard about it on a podcast a few weeks ago, it started popping up on Facebook, in news articles, everywhere! So here’s the scoop: The Four Agreements: A Practical guide …


When Being Dehydrated is a Good Thing

World's Best Dehydrator

With people, dehydration can be life-threatening. But with food, it gives you tons of healthy options. The potential is limitless: dehydrating food can help your family eat more produce, decrease waste, save time and money, and avoid preservatives. What more could you ask for? Have you always wanted to try dehydrating but didn’t know where to start? Or– let’s be honest– did you get a dehydrator with good intentions, then get distracted and banish it to the corner of your garage? Yes, the whole process takes some planning, so here are a …


No More Nagging!

Leave Me Alone

Nag: Pester. Harass. Irritate. Vex. Also, an old horse. Whether you’re the perpetrator or the victim, nagging is a brutal cycle of frustration, guilt, and hurt feelings. It might all be worthwhile if the end result were productive, but that’s rarely the case.  So how do we solve the problem? To the nagger: Just STOP it! To the naggee: Just DO it! While this may be excellent advice, following it isn’t so simple. Let’s start by coming up with a better word than nagging. How about reminding? …


Shop Like a Ninja

Call me a freak if you must, but shopping has never been fun for me. Clothes never fit quite right, and I can never find exactly what I want. Plus, fighting crowds and waiting in line are not my cup of tea. So when I really need something, I turn it into a game of sorts. A puzzle. A contest. And in a little while the desired item magically arrives on my doorstep. Now, I normally subscribe to the motto Use …