Why I Clean My Own Home

Clean My Own Home

Do you look forward to the day your housekeeper comes? Or do you rush around frantically, cleaning up the clutter so the cleaner can actually clean the dirt? Most of my friends and coworkers have a lot of help at home. They have housekeepers, pool cleaners, nannies, landscapers, and meal subscription services, and it works for them, which is fantastic. They have busy careers and hate doing some of these tasks, so they buy back their time and it’s worth every …


Southwest Airlines Mega Points & Companion Pass

Southwest Airlines

Who doesn’t love to travel? And who doesn’t love a good deal? Combine them, and I’m happier than I’d be in a room full of brownies! This year, we did most of our sightseeing on foot. It was truly breathtaking (especially the switchbacks at higher elevations) and I’d love to hear your suggestions for future backpacking trips. Next year, though, we’ll do at least some of our traveling with wings. Luckily, we live in a city that’s a huge hub for …


Better Than Before


Do you wish you had your friend’s good habits? Going to the gym every morning, never eating dessert, flossing every day, always being prepared–who doesn’t want to feel like Superwoman? But what works for her isn’t working for you, and all that advice you hear just doesn’t help. What are you doing wrong? Is it lack of willpower? Nope. It isn’t working for you because you’re different. Nothing is one-size-fits-all, so give yourself a break. Instead of cramming yourself into a strategy that doesn’t fit, …


That Giant Hole In The Ground

Grand Canyon

As an Arizona native, I consider the Grand Canyon my Canyon. I just happen to share it with 5.5 Million people every year. It didn’t start that way, though. My first visit was on a family trip in elementary school when we rolled down the car window, took a picture (on film!), and drove on to our next destination. It was merely a giant hole in the ground, and I was more interested in the squirrels. Not until years later after hiking all …


Why I Don’t Mind Being a Terrible Gardener

Sandbox Garden

We’ve lived in our house for just over six years. Before that, I’d had houseplants but didn’t have space for a garden. My thumbs were brown with a few specks of green. Then we moved and became accidental gardeners. Well, sort-of-on-purpose accidental gardeners. Our house had a giant sandbox in the backyard, and while luckily there weren’t any cats who made it their own, we didn’t have kids who could enjoy it either. We contemplated using the space for a trampoline, but my creaky …


Improve your Health in Just Minutes


What’s on your health To Do List? Most items there are probably important but not urgent, so they’re easy to put off for later. But for many of us, later never comes. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and most of us don’t have a whole day free anyway, so why not tackle those projects a little at a time?* If you want to try running, you don’t have to start with a marathon. If you want to lose 50 lbs, …


The Simple Path to Personal Finance And Investing

Simple Path to Personal Finance

As we discussed last week, personal finance can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. In Part I of this two-part series, the White Coat Investor quickly walked us through the personal finance basics from student loans to retirement and delved into some fascinating (#nerdalert) intricacies of tax preparation and business ownership. Today in Part II, JL Collins brings us back to those basics and explains the Why? behind it all in The Simple Path to Wealth. His book began as a series of letters …


Personal Finance and Investing for Smarties

Personal Finance

Personal finance is intimidating. It’s personal, so there’s no one-size-fits-all method, yet there’s a never-ending supply of books, well-meaning friends, public figures, and salesmen who won’t hesitate to tell you what to do. And they all disagree. Plus, technology continually introduces a slew of new options like Bitcoin that weren’t even a figment of our grandparents’ imaginations. Are they all good choices? Certainly not. So how do you figure out what to do? This review of The White Coat Investor: A doctor’s guide …